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Welcome to, where we share with you different types of boating vacations and holidays, whether they be lake boating, charter fishing trips, whitewater rafting, houseboating vacations, or great places to charter a yacht.

Where are some of the more popular places for a boating vacation?

Depends on what type of boating you're into. Below are just a sampling of some of the top boating vacation ideas you'll find on our site:

If you want a houseboating vacation, two of the most popular locations in the United States are Lake Powell in Arizona and Utah, and Lake Mead, about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, and also extending into Arizona. Outside the U.S., you'll find Phuket, Thailand a houseboaters paradise. Read more about houseboating on our Houseboat vacations page.

Lake Boating
Which states have some of the best boating lakes? Michigan, Minnesota and California top the list for incredible boating lakes, but there are other great spots as well, including lakes in Texas, as well as the Finger Lakes in New York. And, don't forget Lake Garda in Italy. Read more about lake boating vacations on our Lake Boating Vacations page.

River Rafting
Whether it's rafting lazily down a river or an exhilerating whitewater rafting trip, a rafting vacation can be anything you want it to be. What are some of the best river rafting destinations? Well, California has several great whitewater destinations. But, don't forget Colorado and the Grand Canyon. For more great locations, check out our page on River Rafting Vacations

Cruising has become a popular type of boating vacation. In fact, many people love cruising so much that's the only type of vacation they go on! I've met some who've cruised more than ten times, and have cruise trips lined up for the next several years.

We have information inside on many different types of cruise lines, including: Walt Disney Cruises, Cunard Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Crystal Cruises

Charter Boat Fishing
Lake Erie often tops the list in popularity for charter boat fishing. Why? Well, for one thing, Lake Erie is big! In fact, it's the tenth largest lake on Earth. Lake Erie is bordered by Ontario to the north, and the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York to the south, and by Michigan to the west. If you're interested in Alaska charter fishing for king salmon, Sitka is one of the best places to go. The best time is May through September. For more information on charter boat fishing vacations, check out our pages on Charter Boat Fishing

Yacht/Sailing Vacations
Yacht charters are another great way to see the world, whether you use a crewed yacht charter or rent a bareboat yacht charter. Where to go?

Galapagos Islands - If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and long to take a break from winter, head on south to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador for a truly amazing chartered sailing experience. The Galapagos consist of 13 major islands, of which 5 are inhabited. Best time to sail is December through March.

Croatia is becoming a hugely popular place to charter a yacht, with one of the sunniest and warmest coasts in Europe. Best months for your boating holiday would be April to October.

Greece is also a highly-sought-after location for a yacht-chartered holiday. Check out the Ionion Islands of Lefkas and Corfu, which are great for sailing. If you want to avoid the crowds, go for the Pelion peninsula, Evia and the Gulf of Volos.

For more information on chartering a yacht or sailboat, see our pages on chartering a yacht





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